Who do we work for?

Our mission is to offer services highly rated by the Clients. We provide professional solutions appropriately adjusted to the needs of the Client, which leads to our common success. For years, we have been active in various economy segments and trades with great results.


  • private companies:
    SMEs and large companies
  • public sectors:
    local authorities, tax offices
  • business related companies:
    foundations, associations, non-profit organisations


  • agri-food
    Dairy Cooperative Forum, Polish Chamber of Milk, Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Mlekpol, Grupa Mleczarska MLEKOVITA, Tetra Pak, Elopak, Ecolab, Hypred, Agrovita Białystok, Herbapol, Suempol
  • health protection:
    Białystok Oncology Centre (Białostockie Centrum Onkologii), University Teaching Hospital (Uniwersytecki Szpital Kliniczny), Prevention and Health Institute (Instytut Profilaktyki i Zdrowia)
  • finance, economy
    Podlasie Regional Development Foundation (Podlaska Fundacja Rozwoju Regionalnego), Podlasie Capital Fund (Podlaski Fundusz Kapitałowy), Podlasie Guarantee Fund (Podlaski Fundusz Poręczeniowy), Podlasie Tax Office (Podlaski Urząd Skarbowy), Mazowsze Tax Office (Mazowiecki Urząd Skarbowy), Food Bank (Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej)
  • IT
    T-Matic Grupa Computer Plus
  • international cooperation
    Danish Technological Institute, Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland – Belarus – Ukraine
  • culture, entertainment:
    Cooltural Białystok