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Polish Chamber of Milk


Since the earliest beginnings of the Polish Chamber of Milk, i.e. since 2008, we have closely cooperated on drawing up and executing the marketing concept as well as internal and external communication strategies of the Chamber. We comprehensively manage current operations of the organisation and conduct public relations activities. Currently, the Polish Chamber of Milk is the largest and fastest developing organisation associating entities of the dairy industry in Poland.

Our tasks includes, among other things, drawing up promotion and information materials as well as running the press office of the Polish Chamber of Milk ( cooperate in creating and executing educational and social campaigns whose aim is to promote Polish milk, including “Milk kids” (Dzieciaki mleczaki), “We are crazy about milk” (Mamy kota na punkcie mleka) or “Excellent milk” (Doskonałe mleko).

Examine breasts



For years, we have been actively involved in carrying out information and educational activities related to the Breast Cancer Early Detection Programme. We cooperate with the Central Coordination Centre and Provincial Coordination Centres on prophylactic campaigns of health programmes. We have conducted numerous operations in cooperation with the Independent Public Complex of Health Care Facilities (SPZOZ), research institutes, foundations and associations, including: organisation of meetings, conferences and events devoted to breast cancer early detection preventive care, drawing up promotion and information materials, running a press office.

We are also the originators and authors of a website gathering information (authorised and approved by scientists) on preventive healthcare and breast examination. On every woman will find information and answers to the following questions: how to take care of breasts and how to carry out a self-examination, what are the high risk factor, what examination a woman should undergo to make sure that she is healthy and where diagnostics tests can be run.



Prevention and Health Institute


Our involvement in promoting healthy lifestyle led to establishing the Prevention and Health Institute ( in 2014. That is why we treat this project like our own “child”. The Institute provides complex services related to nutrition consultation and education, diet-related prevention of diseases of affluence and dietary therapy of chronic disorders, in the case of which good nutrition plays a vital role.


Our close cooperation with the Institute consists in drawing up and executing a marketing strategy, comprehensive project management, public relations activities, preparing information materials and running a press office.


 Cooltural Białystok

Since 2012, we have run the website – an up-to-date guide to the world of culture and entertainment in Podlasie and an unofficial cultural information centre.

Every day, we provide up-to-date information on cinema premieres, concerts, meetings with authors, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, etc. To cut a long story short, we post information on simply everything that happens in Białystok and its vicinity. Our missions is to promote culture and entertainment events. We provide patronage for the most interesting events, support niche culture and various activities in our region. We are open to all forms of artistic manifestations of our readers who want to share their work with us.

Social programmes



For years, we have successfully cooperated with the Oncology Centre in Bialystok by carrying out education and information activities related to breast cancer prevention. We are involved in executing preventive care programmes in schools, organising meetings, conferences and special events (World Cancer Day, No Tobacco Day, Mother’s Day) and running a press office.

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Moreover, we conduct comprehensive public relations on information and education related to cervical cancer early detection on the request of the University Teaching Hospital in Bialystok. Our tasks consisted in: organising meetings and conferences promoting healthy lifestyle and preventive care, promoting a free cytological examination programme for women and running a press office.


Milk with class

mleko_z_klasa_450x328The aim of the programme executed back in 2007 in cooperation with Tetra Pak, the leader among manufacturers of food industry packaging, was to create a healthy habit of drinking milk by children on a daily basis. We encouraged preschoolers and pupils to drink milk by means of fun and a wider range activities, e.g. competitions, educational programmes, picnics as well as other events held in education facilities and activities addressed to the media. The campaign we conducted was considered a model campaign by many UE Member States as well as Japan and China. More information about the campaign:

International Dairy Forum


International Dairy Forum (FSM) is the biggest dairy conference in Central and Eastern Europe of which we are the proposer and organiser. This is an event of very high prestige, that comes from high discussion level, actuality and importance of discussed issues, but also from care of details, that make this meeting so special.

Every year among the participants and speakers of FSM are representatives of numerous interbranch organisations, i.e. Eucolait, Copa-Cogeca, EDA or Coop de France, representatives of government of many countries from all over the world, like France, Italy, Germany, New Zealand or United Arab Emirates, ministers for agriculture, agricultural counsellors, market experts and analysts and representatives of Polish and foreign dairy cooperatives.

Every single edition of the Forum creates an unique opportunity to discuss, exchange experiences and points of view, what makes building of the future of dairy industry much more easy.

We invite you to visit our website, where you can find the most current information about next editions of the International Dairy Forum.

Green milk


We developed and executed a project aiming at increasing a competitive position of medium-sized dairy companies by implementing ecological solutions. Our tasks consisted in analysing ecological needs of a company, providing environmental consultancy, drawing up a ecological solution implementation plan and conducting an employee training.

Under the Green milk project, we have held over 80 training sessions with about 1,200 participants.