Research and analysisStrategic managementProject management Trainings

Research and analysis

A professional and objective analysis of the situation and market environment constitutes a solid foundation allowing to make a correct diagnosis of a company and make right decisions.

The socio-economic market, company and competitor analyses we provide are drawn up by trade experts. We create sectoral analyses of production trends, prices, foreign trade structure, descriptions of manufacturer and consumer market. Years of presence on the market and rich experience allowed us to develop a wide network of international contacts which enables us to access the latest information and research. We apply both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Our offer includes also evaluative research on different stages of project execution. Such research makes it possible to evaluate the adequacy of conducted activities and to modify directions or tools.



Strategic management

In order to succeed on the market, every organisation must optimally use its resources and internal potential by constantly responding to fast changing environment (competition, clients, legal and economic factors, etc.).

We develop advanced business and marketing strategies for companies, public sector entities and business related institutions. Our goal is to help discovering new development opportunities, overcoming difficulties and meeting challenges.

We provide consultations in terms of restructuring, including mergers and takeovers, obtaining investors and financing operations. We also perform evaluation of an organisation’s effectiveness and competitiveness.

Our experts stay in constant touch with the Client, therefore, we are able to exchange information and modify agreed business models on a current basis in order to meet the current expectations of the environment in the best possible way.



Project management

Striving to achieve various goals (related to the economy, development and communication) is a common activity of every organisation. It is inseparably connected with drawing up and then executing projects which serve as the paths to reach our goals while limiting risk and threats to the minimum.

Successful project management makes it possible to efficiently and fruitfully implement changes in a company connected with coherent internal and external communication, financial discipline and project time schedule.

We cooperate in creating and executing projects as well as implementation, educational and training programmes. We ensure efficient communication, supervision and reports of conducted activities on a current basis.


Human resources are the key as far as implementation of business ventures is concerned. Employees’ competencies, knowledge and involvement can lead to a success or failure of even a well-thought development strategy.

We determine the substantive scope, training methods and tools on an individual basis after analysing the Client’s needs. In order to meet Clients’ expectations, we cooperate with experts in numerous business sectors.

We offer support in obtaining subsidies for executing training projects.